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ionCube PHP Encoder goes live

By Nick Lindridge
on July 25, 2002

As ionCube PHP Encoder preannounced recently at http://www.php-encoder.com and http://www.ioncube.com/encoder/ is now live.

The site offers the first secure online encoding service of files and entire application archives, uses compiled code encoding (the same as Zend Encoder) rather than source encoding, has safe mode compatibilty, full language support, and other features, and compatibility with release 1.3.2. of the PHP Accelerator (http://www.php-accelerator.co.uk)

A standalone encoder will be released soon that packs in even more features, but the online encoding provides a highly affordable solution for those with modest encoding needs. There’s now no need to spend several hundred dollars, or even thousands for a quality encoder, when ionCube encoded archives can be only a few dollars to encode. Small scripts and even entire web sites can be a dollar or less. Cost is based purely on compiled code complexity, and which is why web sites encode particularly cheaply as there’s a low complexity relative to size. A price guide on the site gives some pricing examples.