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International PHP Magazine in PDF Format

By Indu Britto
on December 17, 2003

Software & Support Media (http://software-support.biz/en/) is pleased to announce a NEW monthly version of their print publication, “International PHP Magazine”, to be published in PDF format and distributed electronically. The first issue of the new “PHP Magazine” will be made available for download on December 15 2003. The First Issue will be made available for FREE!!. You can download the same from http://www.php-mag.net.

The release of the PDF version comes in the wake of a growing demand from PHP enthusiasts,keen to know if they can purchase the “International PHP Magazine” from their local newstands. The “PHP Magazine” takes advantage of the Internet Revolution to reach PHP enthusiasts on every corner of the Earth. “PHP has found supporters in all parts of the world, and that has a direct bearing on its international appeal. PHP followers need bleeding-edge information to keep pace with the technology’s growth. We want to help this movement by ensuring that this information reaches everybody on time”, says Masoud Kamali (CEO), Software & Support Media.

PHP Magazine” will be distributed as PDF files that can be read using Linux/UNIX (xpdf, Acrobat Reader), Windows (Acrobat Reader), and MacIntosh (Acrobat Reader). You can subscribe to the ‘PHP Magazine” at a very affordable cover price – a single issue can be purchased for $ 5.00 US (approx. $ 6.50 Canadian), and a twelve-month subscription comes for just $ 45.00 US (approx. $ 58.50 Canadian).

You can find more information on the International PHP Magazine website: http://www.php-mag.net