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Innovative ADODB Database Library released

By John Lim
on September 7, 2000


PHP’s database access functions are not standardised. This creates a need for a database class library to hide the differences between the different databases (encapsulate the differences) so we can easily switch databases.

Before you say oh no, not another one, please read about the unique features of this class library in the next section. I think you will see the value of our innovations.

We currently support MySQL, MS SQL 7 Foxpro, Access, and generic ODBC. We hope more people will contribute drivers to support other databases.

Visit http://php.weblogs.com/ADODB to get the latest version.

Unique Features of ADODB

–Design borrows from the best ideas available from a variety of sources: PEAR, phpdb and Microsoft’s ADO.

–Easy for Windows programmers to adapt to because many of the conventions are similar to Microsoft’s ADO.

–Unlike other PHP database classes which focus only on select statements, we provide support code to handle inserts and updates which can be adapted to multiple databases quickly. Methods are provided for date handling, string concatenation and string quoting characters for differing databases.

–A metatype system is built in so that we can figure out that types such as CHAR, TEXT and STRING are equivalent in different databases.

–Easy to port because all the database dependant code are stored in stub functions. You do not need to port the core logic of the classes.

–SQL to popup menu (SELECT) support included

If you like this software, please contribute. Bug reports, patches, ports to new databases. All work is deeply appreciated. I know we are all very busy, so its very special if you do contribute.