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HardCore Web Content Management v4.2 released

By Anna Peterson
on February 9, 2004

HardCore Web Content Management v4.2 for ASP, PHP and JSP/Java has been released.

HardCore Web Content Management http://wcm.hardcoreinternet.co.uk/ is an inexpensive cross-browser/cross-platform and out-of-the-box web content management system with a fully integrated e-commerce module. The system delivers professional full-featured content management with WYSIWYG editing, workflow, versioning, staging, multilingual content and access permissions for website administrators as well as visitors.

Version 4.2 adds the following features to all editions:

* Flash animations and Java Applets. Simply configure “swf” and “class” extensions as image formats and insert and edit as images.
* HTML TABLE support in WYSIWYG mode for CAPTION, THEAD and TFOOT as well as other table handling improvements.
* HTML class and id attributes in WYSIWYG mode for tables, rows, columns, cells, links and images for CSS style sheets and Dynamic HTML/JavaScript scripting.
* Copy & Paste of relative links in WYSIWYG mode. (Implementations of Copy & Paste in most web browsers are broken replacing relative URLs with absolute URLs).
* DOM Inspector in WYSIWYG mode, which displays and removes surrounding HTML tags and attributes for selected content.

Version 4.2 adds the following features to the HardCore Web Content Management Hosting Edition (for web hosting companies):

* Ready to use (with minimal configuration), automated hosting client website setup for PHP version on Linux/Unix server with MySQL databases
* Ready to use, automated hosting client website setup for ASP and JSP versions on Microsoft Windows server with Microsoft Access databases
* Free single-page business card websites for hosting clients
* Full User Guide documentation for Hosting Edition features and customisation and automation through Hosting API

Free trial and further details at: http://www.hardcoreinternet.co.uk