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GroupIT Engine v0.90 (for PHP) Released!

By Sean Pecor
on September 19, 2000

ORWELL, Vermont, Sep. 19 — Digital Spinner,
(http://www.digitalspinner.com) a web development and ecommerce solutions
company, announced today the availability of the GroupIT Engine
(http://www.groupit.org) for PHP, a groundbreaking Open Source content and community
management engine capable of powering the next generation of online
communities, extranets and intranets. The entire source code of the GroupIT
engine is available for download and use under the terms of the “Orchestrated
Open Source License (OOSL – http://www.groupit.org/oosl).

Built on the Linux platform, the GroupIT Engine is the perfect solution
for corporate, educational and entertainment web sites both large and small.
So incredibly versatile, the same engine can power large scale corporate
extranets, online niche communities, technical support sites, open source
development web sites, online classrooms and online storefronts.

The GroupIT engine installs in less than 10 minutes. Visitors can register,
sign-in and immediately contribute content. Less than 20 template web pages
effortlessly drive an unlimited number of database-driven web pages and
multilingual support is built-in. Any forum can be open or moderated. GroupIT
administrators can use the engine as a turnkey solution or, because the entire
source code is available, the package can be completely customized to suit the
needs of any business entity. Nominal licensing fees for the GroupIT Engine
make it affordable for businesses of any size, and it is available at no
charge for non-commercial web sites, for internal research and development and
for many educational applications.

About Digital Spinner, Inc. Digital Spinner is a privately held company
focused on building innovative Web solutions for clients throughout North
America. Presently, several companies have taken advantage of GroupIT
Technology, including Arete Industries, Inc. (http://www.areteoutdoors.com),
Job Village LLC (http://www.jobvillage.com) and Digital Spinner, Inc.
(http://www.marketingtool.com). Digital Spinner is seeking its first round of
venture financing. For more Information on the GroupIT Engine, please visit

Requirements: PHPv4, Apache and MySQL.

SOURCE Digital Spinner, Inc.
Web Site: http://www.digitalspinner.com