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Google O/S – open source code now available

By Scott Clark
on November 20, 2009

Two interesting, somewhat related events occurred last summer, the first at Microsoft and the second at Google. Microsoft has long dominated the operating system market, and conversely Google is by far the most widely used search engine. So what events took place? They took jabs at one another.

First, Microsoft announced Bing, an all-new search engine. Microsoft hoped that Bing would overtake Google as the search engine of choice. In fact, Microsoft touted it as a “decision engine,” not a “search engine.” Clearly Google’s territory.

Then Google announced that they were going to start development of an operating system, Microsoft’s long-held domain.

Today, Google announced that the Google “Chromium O/S open source project” is now available. Anyone can now get the source code for Google’s new operating system, although the O/S itself will not be out for another year.

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