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FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite 1.0 Released

By Pallav Nadhani
on February 25, 2004

FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite is a collection of Macromedia Flash based instrumentation controls used to develop realistic instrument panels and financial applications. It brings the combined experience of programmers and graphic artists to you in a set of extremely easy-to-use controls.

FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite helps you create eye-catching instrumentation controls – it makes full use of the fluid beauty of Macromedia Flash to create interactive and visually arresting controls. This may be accomplished from any server side scripting language or a plain HTML page.

Why use FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite?

Why struggle with static, bitmap-based and other similar controls when you can enjoy the flexibility and reliability of controls offered by FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite? Packaged together to provide programmers with an economical and powerful set of tools for technical applications, FusionCharts Instrumentation suite enlists the following advantages over other:
* No installation affairs. FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite is free from all hassles of installation. All you need to do is copy and paste the .swf files from our download package to your web server and voila! Youre ready to use them.
* FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite is compatible with all scripting languages (web). You can use this with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, CF, CGI (whatever you can think of) etc. As the processing is done on the client-side, it does not
matter which scripting language is passing the data to the component.

* The file size of the component is very small and therefore it is very suitable for the narrow band connections also.
* XML data interface.