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Forms and Databases

By Paulo Assis
on January 22, 2001

phpdbform class

When you want to give users ability to edit data from databases, you have to write php code for retrieving, displaying and posting data to/from your tables.
It is a job that could be made easy, because some forms are almost like the forms you wrote for the last site.

Now things are becoming easier, I’ve made a php class, with help from several people around the world, for displaying, inserting, updating and deleting data from MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. With little coding you can build a form to do it, and included with the class, there is a template to create a working application with login, menu and examples of how to use phpdbform features.

Phpdbform has support for selection list boxes, to display all rows, so the user can select the row he wants to edit, this selection list can be filtered too, to display less rows. You can use themes with phpdbform, then you can make a nice interface for the user, using included themes or building your own theme. This class can be used “stand alone” inside any html page too.

You can use “Regular Expressions” with the fields, to check if data was entered correctly by the user before sending it to the database.

The best of phpdbform is that it’s free! Get it at http://www.phpdbform.com, and if you think that you need a feature that phpdbform doesn’t support, you can include it at phpdbform’s wish list, we will make our best to include it.