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fcache – simple caching extension

By Kalle Ravn
on June 23, 2003

This brand new extension for PHP4, is written in native C and is fast and small. It can include files, or read them based on their filetimes. It should be used for site administrators and developers who wants to ease the load of their php-servers

Simple example:
if (!fcache_get('testcache',90))
    $c = 'html to be cached';
    // obviously, there will be a lot more here..

The above example will save the text within the if-statement for 90 seconds, and will output it directly to the page. No need for saving the contents in extra variables, except when saving.

Future releases will make use of output buffering, which makes it even easier to cache complex outputs on your site.

Download now at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fcache/