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EMS PostgreSQL Manager 1.5 released

By Alex V. Dmitriev
on April 24, 2003

EMS HiTech is very glad to announce PostgreSQL Manager v1.5! Our software becomes cross-platform – the Linux version is immediately available. Also a lot of new features: MDI Interface, Italian and French localizations, and many more…

You can download the new version from

What’s new in version 1.5?

1. MDI Interface implemented. Microsoft Office Style – all program windows are child windows of the main window now. You can customize the Environment Style using the Environment Options window.
2. Two new localizations added – Italian and French.
3. The support of composite types for PostgreSQL v7.3 is implemented.
4. The ‘Autoconnect on Startup’ option was added to the Database Registration Info dialog.
5. Table Editor: the Comment columns are added to the lists of fields, foreign keys, checks, indices, rules, and triggers.

35. On adding SERIAL and BIGSERIAL fields the NotNull and Unique options are set now.
36. Several minor improvements and small bugfixes.

Full press-release is available on-line at:

PostgreSQL Manager for Linux is the same powerful tool for PostgreSQL management as the Windows version. It provides graphical interface for all basic operations: creating/dropping databases, creating/dropping/altering tables, views, functions and other database objects, managing table data, running SQL queries and scripts, etc. Export/import data to/from most popular formats and other unique features are also available in Linux version. Download it now and check it out yourself! http://www.pgsqlmanager.com/download.phtml

We hope you will like our new software. We’d be glad to hear any of your feedback, so don’t hesitate and write us to [email protected] with all your questions and suggestions. Thank you for your attention.