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EMS MySQL Manager 2.8.5 Released

By EMS Software Development
on December 14, 2004

The newest version of MySQL Manager 2.8.5. is immediately available at the MySQL Manager Download page.

Version 2.8.5 features:

1. We have implemented a new form for creating tables.

2. Now the ‘Extract data’ and ‘Extract data as INSERT’ export forms store the last selected paths.

3. The charset and collation option is now supported when creating a table.

4. The charset and collation option is now supported when creating a database.

5. The confirmation for saving the changes is required now before closing ‘Create table’ and ‘Edit table’ windows.

6. Grid options. You could set only standard colors in the grid parameters. Now it is also possible to set custom colors.

7. Grid. Now it is considered that the current column header is bold if the ‘Autofit columns’ option is on. Besides, when sorting the arrow is showed.

8. The length limit for Column Name and Table Name is 64 now.

9. Now the innodb tables could be recognized correctly for MySQL 4.1.X.

10. Extract Metadata -> Save/Load Template. On saving/loading a template the ‘Disable foreign key checks’ option wasn’t saved. Fixed now.

11. SQL Editor. In some cases errors occurred when re-executing a query after it was executed and you switched to Print View. If no error occurred the content refresh was made twice. The problem is solved.

12. Query Builder. Several bug fixes in INNER JOIN queries.

13. When browsing a table in Form View, pressing Tab key after clicking the Limit Count field resulted in error: Query Field ‘COUNT(*)’ not found. The bug is fixed now.

14. The bug with not refreshing a table after its duplicating from one database to another. You had to close it and open it again to see the change. Fixed now.

15. Some small improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,

EMS HiTech Team