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Ebookdata.com to release “no blindlinks” directory

By Josh Hill
on April 29, 2002


I am owner of http://www.ebookdata.com

I was involved in a project for a “Trash free” search script called “no blindlinks” see http://www.noblindlinks.com

The project was to create a search directory where badlinks/deadlinks/offensive links etc can be reported by the surfer at the click of an icon. All automated.

$6000 later, the script was created, the script is up for all to see, be we no longer have time to take the project further due to the success of http://www.ebookdata.com

Has anybody any ideas on what we should do with the noblindlinks.com code and website? I am not a programmer, just a webmaster.

Email me with ideas/proposals please.

[email protected]