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Easy alternative to PDF printing

By Ivan Jenkins
on November 22, 2000

We found the following issues when printing on the web:

– Can’t print in landscape

– No Page Breaks

– No shading

– Hard to print precise forms e.g., tax forms

– No control over where objects appear on the page

– Setting up PDF is complicated

– Can’t print a decent invoice / statement / form

We love coding in PHP and wanted a solution that would be easy to integrate into PHP.

So, we developed something that we hope(!) will solve this.

It is an OCX that takes print instructions and outputs them to the user’s chosen printer.

Here is our ‘Hello World’ example, which shows how quick it is to get up and running…

<OBJECT ID="xxxxiwp">
<PARAM NAME="iwpLines"    VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="iwpLines[1]" VALUE="iwpPrint 4 ^ 2 ^ Hello World">

(Yes, yes, we know this a sad example but boxes, images and shading are just as easy…What else would you expect from Hello World!)

The code can be embedded as above, in an HTML file, or seperately in a print file for larger print jobs.

We have created some examples that show further capabilities at http://www.irjsoftware.com/iwp

Please let us know what you think.


Ivan / Justin

Sunny South Africa