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Doulos: A new MVC Framework released

By M Patton
on September 3, 2003

Doulos is a framework for rapidly developing object-oriented web applications in PHP using the Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm. It elegantly reduces the total code to be written to build an application, manages and validates form data, encapsulates SQL databases, and more!

Doulos is licensed under the GPL and can be accessed for free at SourceForge at:

Doulos allows web applications to be written by providing a set of class definitions for each of the object types in MVC (Model, View, and Controller). These class definitions can then be inherited by the classes that are actually used to drive the application. Doulos seeks to make the programmer more efficient by designing the class definitions to abstract the code common to each object type, and at the same time leaves the programmer the power to fulfill all of his program requirements.