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dbQwikSite Developer Edition Released

By TheDevShop Ltd
on June 19, 2008

TheDevShop Ltd recently announced the release of dbQwikSite Developer Edition, a special edition of its website building software. dbQwikSite Developer Edition was created with the needs of advanced web developers and web designers in mind.

What is dbQwikSite?

dbQwikSite is a web code generator which produces dynamic web pages that interact with an online database.

dbQwikSites code generation process creates all the scripts needed for web pages to display, search and edit online database content. Using dbQwikSite, users focus on the design and flow of their web pages rather than the syntax of web scripting. To create a web site, users choose the design options that they want using an integrated page designer and wizards.

New Features in the Developer Edition

The Developer Edition adds the ability to add in custom code blocks that are seamlessly integrated to the generated code. What this means is that users can now enhance and extend the generated pages. They can add code on both on the server side or the browser side. Developers can effect server processing and presentation or, on the Client Side using JavaScript, add browser based behaviors and DHTML/Web 2.0 effects.

The Developer Edition is targeted to web developers and web designers who typically need the flexibility to produce web pages that go beyond standard processes and presentations provided by code generation. However, because the code generation does all the heavy housekeeping many casual users can benefit in tweaking code without being experts on programming structure and flow.

Trail and Free Downloads can be found on the company’s download page: http://www.dbQwikSite.com