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Create dynamic XML/XSLT based websites

By Alexandru COSTIN
on April 18, 2002

BUCHAREST, Romania – InterAKT Online is pleased to announce the 0.8 version of Krysalis, the revolutionary PHP XML/XSLT publishing engine and the alpha release of KrysalIDE – integrated development environment for Krysalis.

InterAKT has developed Krysalis to achieve what the next generation of web services have to offer. The complete separation of the information, application logic and presentation layer.

Krysalis new features include:
Caching and logging support through PEAR (JMeter tests show over 250% performance improvement).
Preliminary SOAP support (mostly benefits KrysalIDE – Krysalis developed tool, visit http://www.interakt.ro/products/Krysalis/).
Docbook to html Serializers (chunks and nochunks).
New sitemap components: Validators – User Authentication and Form Validation.
Overall improvements to Krysalis architecture and libraries.

InterAKT has developed KrysalIDE to speed development for Krysalis.

KrysalIDE is a free for non commercial use Java tool. It uses Java 2 Standard Edition v1.4 to be up to date with the latest technologies available.

KrysalIDE Features:
– PXP, XML and XSL editing.
– Limited taglib introspection for PXP and templates introspection for XSL.
– Fast result preview (XML and XHTML).
– Windows and Linux support.

We are hoping to help PHP developers became more efficient when developing XML/XSLT applications.

Please visit the Krysalis site for more information.