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Code Stylist PHP Studio Released

By Brian Hendrickson
on April 12, 2005

Code Stylist generates the code you need to run a database on the Web using MySQL or PostgreSQL, and includes admin pages that allows you to view, edit, add, list, search and delete database records. It combines HTML and CSS theme files with SQL table metadata to generate complete Web site source code.

It is designed to be used by both novice and professional PHP users for rapid prototyping, intranets, personal sites and more.

Code Stylist features:

>> Mac, Windows and Linux clients

>> theme-based workflow for one-click redesign

>> flexible PHP templating

>> integrated CSS support

>> separation of display and business logic

>> table event triggers

>> introductory/beta tester price: $30

Point and click to your MySQL table, in seconds Code Stylist spits out Web pages to add, modify and delete database records.

For more info visit the site at http://www.codestylist.com