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Beta release of the X-Appl IDE for creating web based applications

By Francois Rautenbach
on November 7, 2008

Alfega Technologies, Inc. recently announced the first public beta release of their X-IDE web application development tool.

The X-IDE enables developers to create web applications that match the look and feel of desktop applications without having to resort to compiled (binary) solutions like Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Air.

Application windows developed with the X-IDE can be viewed directly from any web server either as static files or it can be included into any server side scripting language, e.g. PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, etc. The X-IDE includes a visual application designer (similar to Visual Studio or Delphi) as well as a JavaScript and auto-completion WAML editor.

The beta version of the X-IDE is available as a free download and includes an unrestricted version of the X-Appl web application browser.

For more information on the X-IDE please go to http://www.alfega.com/xide-overview.html