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Balkans PHP Contest.

By Bogomil Shopov
on May 10, 2004

The WebDev Magazine together with its enlisted partners is the organizers of the Balkan PHP programming/developing competition. The first stage had already been started and will reach completion on the 15th of July 2004 with the following task:

Development of an encryption algorithm for communication.

– To be structured in two methods name_encode and name_decode (see example);
– The possibility for the input of more than one parameter;

– The completed solutions are to be tested on versions from 4.2.x to 4.3.6. (or the latest version of PHP4 available when the evaluation is to be performed);

– If your script is for a specific version please let us know by writing it on the attached file as well as any other stuff youd like us to take into consideration;

There are no limitations for the algorithm type, encryption level and what is to be encrypted. Which means it is up to your creativity.

A jury will select the winners who will be awarded as follows:

– First Place the choice of 2 products from the prize list and a stack of beer;

– Second place the choice of 2 products after the winners chosen his;

– Third place the choice of 1 product and the right to participate in the second stage of the competition;

Prizes will be given again in the second stage but those who have taken the first and second prizes during the first stage are not to participate in the second.

The right to participate in the second stage will have only the first stage participants. Which means that one must have participated in the first stage so that he/she is given the right to participate in the second stage.


– Zend Studio 3.5

– Maguma Workbench

– NuSphere Editor (PHPEd)

– TemplateTamer (Developer edition)

– ionCube Cerberus Encoder

– ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder.

– Activestate Comodo IDE

more info: http://php.spisanie.com