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BadBlue PHP server intros database transcoding

By Dave Minor
on September 20, 2001

BadBlue (http://badblue.com) has added live database transcoding to its small-footprint P2P web server for Windows (see http://badblue.com/helpmdb.htm#shot for a screen shot). Real-time transcoding of database information allows peers, managers or automated processes to surf directly to PCs of interest and retrieve live data using only browsers or HTTP requests. BadBlue’s transcoding for Access, Excel and Word make it easy for PHP requests (e.g., fopen or fsockopen) to collect data from Office files without having to painfully translate or extract information.

With the addition of ADO (Active Database Objects) transcoding support, BadBlue now supports P2P search and retrieval of Access, Excel and Word data. BadBlue is a small footprint, Win32 web server that is inherently search-enabled and supports P2P file sharing using HTTP. It supports a variety of standard web serving features: CLF logging, PHP/ISAPI/CGI serving, directory browsing, NT security, virtual directories, etc. But its size (total download is 175K) and ease of configuration makes it one of the fastest methods of serving PHP applications and sharing files.

In fact, since it uses browser-based technologies, BadBlue can support sharing of files where no installation of any software is possible. Users can surf directly to a machine that has BadBlue installed and begin searching and retrieving information from it directly.