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BadBlue PHP Server for Windows 2.45 released

By Dave Minor
on February 9, 2004

BadBlue – http://badblue.com – is a tiny, free web server for Windows designed to run PHP quickly and easily. A PHP Setup Wizard steps you through installation and there are reports of users downloading, installing and getting PHP up and running in less than three minutes.

New version 2.45 adds the following features:

o New slide-show support: in addition to auto photo album (thumbnail) views of pictures, view folders (virtual directories) as slide-shows of any JPG’s in the folder

o Selectable auto photo album and slide-show support – automatically display folders in either slide-show or album view (rather than “file details” listing) using Manage >> Setup Folders Tab

o PHP/CGI variables REQUEST_URI, SCRIPT_URI, and SCRIPT_URL are now compatible with Apache

o Sub-folders now appear when a folder is displayed in photo-album (thumbnails) format.

o Folders no longer display hidden or system files.

o OfficeSurfer (private surfing feature) now supports Javascript and other enhancements

Get the free download at http://badblue.com/down.htm or check out BadBlue’s PHP support pages at http://badblue.com/helpphp.htm .