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BadBlue 2.43 PHP Server for Windows released

By Dave Minor
on October 28, 2003

BadBlue – http://badblue.com – is a free web server for Windows that has been especially designed to work with PHP. Its integrated PHP Wizard makes steps you through download and installation of PHP in (literally) seconds.

New version 2.4.3 adds several requested features:

o Automatically integrate Windows XP and Windows 2000 user accounts… you don’t have to create accounts manually if you decide to use Windows user accounts to protect your pages or scripts – see http://badblue.com/helpsecn.htm for details

o Users get their own upload folders, with security automatically provided (see http://badblue.com/helpupl.htm for details); every user gets their own private folder for uploading and downloading

o Put your message and contact information on every page of your BadBlue site, quickly and easily (place a welcome message, email address and URL on every page – see the Manage tab’s “Set Preferences” link)

o The Remote Administrator now has “super power” (if you create a Remote Administrator account, it will have access to all folders, regardless of access control)

o Remote administration: you can now designate one or more users as “Remote Administrators”; these users can now use the Manage tab from any location. See the Manage, Define Users option for instructions. Remote administrators can control virtual directories, manage users, control access, and do almost anything a local administrator can do.

o New PHP help pages are available at http://badblue.com/helpphp.htm (updated for PHP 5).

Download new, free BadBlue 2.4.3 at http://badblue.com/down.htm – it’s probably the easiest way to get PHP going on a Windows PC. It’s tiny, fast, easy and free!