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BadBlue 1.5 speeds PHP serving, adds new features

By Dave Minor
on August 31, 2001

BadBlue is a free, small footprint, Win32 web server designed
to work with PHP.  New improvements in v1.5 include:

Run PHP and other CGIs faster

     In the constant quest for performance, we've knocked as much as 55
                         milliseconds off each PHP/CGI execution cycle.

Set default document root
Set default start page
Control directory browsing

   Enjoy new levels of control over BadBlue's web serving capabilities.
     Check out all of the new stuff:     http://badblue.com/helpweb.htm

Support multiple hosts on a single IP address

  Have multiple domains running from a single IP?  BadBlue 1.5 makes it
         easy to serve multiple hosts:   http://badblue.com/helphos.htm

Leverage enhanced MIME support for JPG, MP3, AVI
Set multiple cookies and pragmas from a single PHP or CGI

           For the hard-core PHP and CGI hackers out there, BadBlue 1.5
   supports multiple cookie, pragma and cache-control header statements
                                                    in a single script.

Run multiple copies of BadBlue on a single machine!

    Want to run multiple copies of BadBlue on a single PC?  Can do with
   version 1.5... use the "badblue -m" switch to fire up as many copies
                                                 as your PC can handle.

Get your free copy of 1.5 here:             http://badblue.com/down.htm


If you use BadBlue for file-sharing:

The new version of BadBlue makes it simple to share files.  Simply fire
up a copy of BadBlue 1.5 and start searching.  You can search for file
extensions like MP3, AVI, XLS or specific keywords.  Within a minute or
two of starting BadBlue, it will have automatically connected to other
friendly PCs so you can begin sharing and searching.  You can even set
up private networks for your company or group.

BadBlue 1.5 lets you use public or private IRC servers to quickly find
friendly machines.  You don't need to manually specify friendly PCs...
just start BadBlue and begin searching.  Within a minute or two, you
will be connected to other friends, your workgroup or even your entire

Check out all the details regarding BadBlue's new IRC sharing here: