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Aspect-Oriented PHP

By Bryan Saunders
on January 11, 2005

I am Bryan Saunders, and together with John Stamey and Matthew Cameron, we have developed an Extension to PHP to enable you to do Aspect-Oriented Programming with PHP. AOPHP 1.0 currently supports basic Before, After, and Around advice. Future versions will have more advanced support for these 3 types of advice.

The Extension was developed using Java 1.5 and runs on Apache Web Servers. There are two parts to the implementation of AOPHP. The first involves using the Apache module ModRewrite, “the Swiss Army Knife of URL manipulation.” The second is the aophpexec.aophp script which calls the AOPHP parser, written in Java 1.5. Aspects are written with a .aophp extension. These aspects are woven into incoming .php files by the Java AOPHP parser, contained in aophp.jar.

For more information on AOPHP, visit http://www.aophp.net/ and For information on Aspect-Oriented Programming, visit http://www.aosd.net/ and http://www.aspectorientedprogramming.org/.