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apia 1.5 released

By clonefab
on June 23, 2003

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New features of version 1.5 includes : ActiveBalance mechanism, Grouped and distributed message board,Message Transport Speedup, Max number of the upload streams, and
Anonymous protect enhancement (experimental)


APIA is a new generation P2P system written in PHP, such like well-known eDonkey, Gnutella or Kazaa. Users could exchange information and files via P2P infrastructure. In comparing with traditional P2P software such as Napster, APIA use some advanced algorithms to implement the data exchange. It features :

-No need to connect server : nearly server-less design make APIA scale well

-Huge file capacity support : fast search and transport for huge files (GB class)

-Friendship relation : users could build relationship between each other

-Multi-lingual support : support English, Chinese (BIG5 and GB)

-Multi-platform support : support Windows XP/2000, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris

-Fast donwload speed : multiple-to-multiple protocol make transport fast and efficiency

-APIA URL command : URL-like commands apia://find:xxx/ make file information exchanges easier

-Remote Control : Web-based control make the console operations indenpendent from the main program