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Announcement: Smarty 1.4.0 available

By Monte Ohrt
on May 10, 2001

There are many changes to this release, including runtime compilation of
templates and the support for arbitrary template resources, such as
multiple template directories or databases. Be sure to read the
RELEASE_NOTES, especially if you are upgrading from a prior release.



Version 1.4.0
    - added {capture}{/capture} function, documented (Monte)
    - added {counter} function, documented (Monte) 

Version 1.4.0b2
    - fixed issue in Config_File.class with referencing blank sections
    - fixed problem with passing variables to included files (Andrei)
    - fixed resource path recognition for windows (Monte)

Version 1.4.0b1
    - added "componentized templates" tip into documentation (Monte)
    - added {php}{/php} tags for embedding php code into templates
    - changed default value of $show_info_header to false (Monte)
    - implemented '->' syntax for accessing properties of objects passed
to the
      template. (Andrei)
    - allowed custom functions to receive Smarty object as the second
      parameter; this can be used to dynamically change template
variables, for
      example. (Andrei)
    - added custom compiler functions support,
register_compiler_function() and
      unregister_compiler_function() API functions. (Andrei, Ivo
      instead of global variable. You can also assign several variables
      in one shot with an array. (Monte, Roman Neuhauser)
        - added template prefilters, register_prefilter() and
          unregister_prefilter() API functions. (Monte)
    - added RELEASE_NOTES file to distribution. (Monte)
    - moved CREDITS out of manual into its own file. (Monte)
    - added register_resource() and unregister_resource() API functions.
    - changed the syntax of indexing template variables, thus supporting
      structures of arbitrary complexity; supplied fix_vars.php script
to fix
      old syntax. (Andrei)
    - added $insert_tag_check to speed up cached pages if {insert ...}
is not
      used. (Monte)
    - added $compiler_class variable to allow specifying a different
      class. (Andrei)
    - changed Smarty to compile templates at runtime, allowing for
      template resources. (Monte)
    - added fix for LOCK_EX under Windows and changed a couple of file
      permissions for security. (Monte, Fernando Nunes)
    - allow arbitrary date strings to date_format, html_select_date and
      html_select_time (Monte)