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1060 NetKernel virtual OS/XML Runtime with PHP

By Peter Rodgers
on October 18, 2003

PHP developers – we’re interested to get your feedback on a new open-source virtual OS we’ve developed and in-particular it’s integration
of PHP into general XML processes. Here’s a summary of the features (note it runs on Java but no Java knowledge is needed to
create and execute XML applications) …

1060 NetKernel is a Java-based virtual Internet OS with an XML runtime. Originating in Hewlett-Packard, NetKernel goes beyond
the AppServer to provide a powerful new infrastructure for service oriented architectures.

It offers a microkernel modular component architecture and integrates a comprehensive set of XML technologies. The kernel features Just-In-Time processing, encapsulated URI address spaces, universal resource infrastructure and an advanced dependency-based cache.

The XML runtime enables XML pipeline processes with conditionals, loops and exception handling. All standard XML technologies are integrated out-of-the-box including compiled XSLT, XQuery, XSL-FO, XML index/search, XPointer, XPath, XInclude, RNG, XSD, Schematron, DTD, STM, XPatheval, XML Signature, XACML …

New features in v2.0.6 include support for CGI/PHP, developer friendly installation with fully tooled XML workbench, updated development tools.

PHP support enables XML/XHTML components to be generated with PHP and integrated into powerful XML processes and applications.

1060 NetKernel is open-source and available for immediate download from www.1060.org

Commercial licensing and support are available from www.1060research.com