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Using Webalizer to analyze Apache logs Page 3

By Rodney Hampton
on September 5, 2001

Configuring Apache:

Most ISP’s that use Apache have set up
their domains as virtual hosts in their Apache configuration file
(httpd.conf). By default, Apache logs everything to access_log and
error_log (and perhaps access_log-ssl and error_log-ssl if you use
mod_ssl). In order to properly analyze log files for your ISP’s clients
it is necessary to add a CustomLog directive within each virtualhost
creating a separate log file for each domain. Take my domain for
ServerAdmin [email protected]
DocumentRoot /www/handassoc/public_html
Servername hamptonandassociates.net
ServerAlias www.hamptonandassociates.net
Between the VirtualHost tags that define my web-site, I wanted to add the
following line:
CustomLog /var/log/httpd/www.hamptonandassociates.net-access_log combined