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Using PHP and MySQL with Flash Page 9

By Jeffrey F. Hill
on December 14, 2001

The Actionscript used for updating the variables

on (release) {
    "+O2y+"&O3x="+O3x+"&O3y="+O3y, "0");
    _root.UpdateStatus = "Updating..";
This part is probably easier accomplished by just using the Post option of the loadVariablesNum function — which will post all the variables in the movie to the script. But I just attached them all onto the end of the url to the php script. Mostly because it’s easier to test and you know exactly what is being passed.

Part III – Conclusion

Hopefully by reading over the source code and the php files you’ll be able to better understand this tutorial. From these basic functions shown in this tutorial you should be able to manipulate the files and database into anything you want using Flash as the front-end. The possibilities are limitless and it is my hope that by sharing this with the rest of the Flash world that we’ll start to see Flash take over in the interactive areas of the web that html once ruled unchallenged — until now. (Ok — I apologize for that last remark.)
-Jeffrey F. Hill

Don’t forget to follow along in the working tutorial at: http://www.flash-db.com/Ex1/Ex1_SaveMovie.html. Also you can see more complex examples of this and everything else at www.flash-db.com.