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Use PHPUnit to Implement Unit Testing in Your PHP Development Page 2

By W. Jason Gilmore
on May 26, 2010

Using Data Providers

While it’s possible to create a large number of methods, with each intended to test a different title variation, a more efficient approach might involve using a PHPUnit data provider, which allows you to supply an abundance of test data to a single method. For instance, I’ve placed the following data into a file named titles.txt, with each line consisting of a sample Docbook string followed by a confirmation of the expected parsed title.

<title>Hidden Hawaii</title>||||Hidden Hawaii
<title>Gordon's Great Dilemma</title>||||Gordon's Great Dilemma
<title>My title is Physics 101</title>||||My title is Physics 101

Notice how each line introduces a subtle string variation, the first being a “typical” title, the second including a single quote, and the third using the term “title” in the title.
In the test, I’ll configure a data provider method named loadTitlesProvider(), which loads each line of the titles.txt file and splits it according to my designated delimiter (||||):

public function loadTitlesProvider()
    $data = array();
    foreach (file('titles.txt') as $line) {
        $data[] = explode("||||", trim($line));


    return $data;

Next we’ll use the @dataProvider annotation to tell the test where the loaded data will be coming from. Because the $data array consists of two array elements, we’re telling the test that two input parameters will be passed, one for each element:

 * @dataProvider loadTitlesProvider
public function testParseTitles($docbook, $title)
    $this->assertEquals($this->_chapter->getTitle(), $title);

Running this test will produce an output consisting of four dots, just what we’re hoping for!


This was but a mere introduction to PHPUnit’s powerful testing facility, but hopefully it helps you get past the initial learning curve. Forthcoming issues will build upon what you’ve learned here, so stay tuned!

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