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The web of services: using XML_RPC

By Luis Argerich
on March 29, 2001

What is the Web of Services?

There’re a lot of comments in the market about “The web of services” from the simple ways of
content syndication used today to the futuristic approach of UDDI. In its creation, the web
was a collection of documents, browseable information. As the web evolved it was good to add
some services to the web. In the future, the web will be the place where organizations provide
services useful to the consumer and/or other organizations. This synergy between b2b and
b2c models can be thought as a web of services.

What Services?

One big question is what kind of services can be provided on the web? Well, a lot of them, some
are already in use and some will be appearing in a short future. Just to be illustrative, this is a short
list of services:
  • Vertical search engines specialized in topics.
  • Knowledge databases where users can look for information.
  • Expert systems that users can consult.
  • Banking services.
  • News and information publishing services.
  • Digital cash related services.
  • Image processing services.
  • Health services.