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Switchbox Page 4

By Vic Fryzel
on March 7, 2003

We’re trying to achieve an ideal application that’s efficient, powerful, fast, reusable, etc. In order to achieve this, we had to put in five minutes of extra work, that will save us hours of time later. To add a new page to our application, we add a switch to the SwitchBox, and two lines of code to the page we’re using the SwitchBox on.
The SwitchBox saved us processor load by only including files needed by each page, and in doing so also increased page loading speed. It also made our code extremely reusable. And even still, our SwitchBox has made updating our page far easier, as we have to enter one line of code into our SwitchBox to achieve a new include. The SwitchBox also acts as a plan for our application. If we’re curious as to what files a page uses, or why a page is saying a function is not defined, we can simply view the SwitchBox, and it shows right there what files are being used or not used by the page.
There you have it. I hope that this article has helped everyone to better achieve their ideal applications.
–Vic Fryzel