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Slapping together a search engine Page 4

By Clay Johnson
on July 30, 2000

Set that query to $search, and print out the results like so:


$getresults mysql_query($search);

$resultsnumber mysql_numrows($getresults);

IF ($resultsnumber == 0) {

    PRINT "Your search returned no results. Try other keyword(s).";

} ELSEIF ($resultsnumber 0) {

    PRINT "Your search returned $resultsnumber results<BR>Listing

        them in order of relevance&lt;BR>&lt;BR>"

$count 0$count $resultsnumber$count++) {

$body mysql_result($getresults,$count,"blob");

$qid mysql_result($getresults,$count,"qid");

//tighten up the results

$body2print substr($body0100);

$cnote $count+1;

"$cnote. <a href=yourcontent.php3?qid=$qid>





Presto, you’ve got keyword searching for your database, complete with
relevancy ranking. It may not be Google
or altavista.
It may not support all those fancy boolean operators, or excite’s (*cough*)
conceptual mapping technology. But
it works, its quick
and enough to handle your user’s demand.