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Slapping together a search engine Page 2

By Clay Johnson
on July 30, 2000

Next, since you want to make all your data compatible, not just new data, we
need to grab your sticky
blobs, and their identifiers out of your database:


"SELECT blob,identifier FROM your_table";

$result mysql_query($query);

$number mysql_numrows($result);

$j 0;

$j $number) {

    /* Your "blob" */

$body mysql_result($result,$j,"blob");

    /* Your "identifier */

$qid mysql_result($result,$j,"qid");

    /* Open the noise words into an array */

    $noise_words file("noisewords.txt");

$filtered $body;

    /*      Got to put a space before the first word in the

        body, so that we can

        recognize the word later


$filtered ereg_replace("^"," ",$filtered);

    /*      Now we suck out all the noisewords, and transform

        whats left into an array


    /* Brought to you by poor ereg coding! */

    for ($i=0$i count($noise_words); $i++) {

$filterword trim($noise_words[$i]);

$filtered =

eregi_replace(" $filterword "," ",$filtered);


    $filtered trim($filtered);

$filtered addslashes($filtered);

$querywords ereg_replace(",","",$filtered);

$querywords ereg_replace(" ",",",$querywords);

$querywords ereg_replace("?","",$querywords);

$querywords ereg_replace("(","",$querywords);

$querywords ereg_replace(")","",$querywords);

$querywords ereg_replace(".","",$querywords);

$querywords ereg_replace(",","','",$querywords);

$querywords ereg_replace("^","'",$querywords);

$querywords ereg_replace("$","'",$querywords);

    /*      We should now have something that looks like

        'Word1','Word2','Word3' so lets turn it into an array


$eachword explode(","$querywords);

    /*      and finally lets go through the array, and place each

        word into the database, along with its identifier


    for ($k=0$k count($eachword); $k++) {

$inputword "INSERT INTO search_table




    /* Get the next set of data */




That script just handles your old data. You’ll want to include a similar
function to strip the noisewords
out for every time new information comes into your database, through user
input, your input, etc…
so that your search engine is updated on the fly.