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Sending Mail With PHP3 Page 2

By Tim Perdue
on July 30, 2000

Basically, you can receive some parameters from a simple form
(you can probably handle creating that. If not – take a look at
and steal the HTML from the mail archive – you have my blessing).


//$to_email_address - received from the "POST"

//$from_email_address - ditto




//First, validate the addresses using Jons' function


$to_email_array=validateEmail $to_email_address );

$from_email_array=validateEmail $from_email_address );


//Second, test the results and send the message or display

//an error


if (( $to_email_array[0]) && ($from_email_array[0])) {

   mail($to_email_address,$subject,$message,'FROM: '.$from_email_address);

} else {


   echo "error";





And you’re done…
That same little task, were I using $1000 dollar products like
Lasso would have required me to install extra software (javamail API +
the JDK if I didn’t already have it), and would have taken tons of
extra code and some Lasso-specific libraries.
Care to guess where I stand on the free software movement?