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PHPWebQuiz: Solve quizzes online

By Luzius Schneider
on January 18, 2002

Run a test with your students on the Internet, and analyse the results statistically!
PHPWebQuiz is a program to solve quizzes online on the Internet or on a Intranet. It runs on a Internet server and needs PHP.
PHPWebQuiz has been developed to be used together with QuizPro.
PHPWebQuiz uses the same format for the question files and the data base. Create your own quizzes with QuizPro and publish them on the Internet by using PHPWebQuiz. The results of the questioning is stored in a database, which can be imported by QuizPro, and therefore analysed statistically.
You can use either multiple choice or fill-the-blanks questions. More then one correct answer is allowed.
It is possible to build timed tests and even add sounds or graphics to quiz items. Sample tests on Bible knowledge and Greek are included.
Contrary to WebQuiz, PHPWebQuiz does not allow you to repeat only the questions you did not know before.
You may choose the interface language between English and German. More languages are supported.
PHPWebQuiz is a script.

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