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PHP to generate Menu System

By Alexander Yanuar Koentjara
on December 14, 2000

Hi, this is (maybe) the simplest PHP code to generate menu system that can work both for Microsoft Internet Explorer and NetScape.

The features :

1. Targeted to multiple FRAME(s) The URL of menu can be targeted to any FRAME, or any WINDOW. 2. Opened/closed state of main menu. The main menu can be clicked to show/hide its sub menus without JavaScript needed. 3. Main menu can be replaced by image, or ordinary text.

What you have to do :

1. First, create a starting page for your menu. For example :

  <FRAME SRC="menux.php" NAME="MENU_FRAME">
  <FRAMESET ROWS="50%,*">
     <FRAME SRC="1.htm" NAME="TOP_FRAME">

Save this as index.html.

The menux.php is the code I want to show.
File 1.htm is starting page for TOP_FRAME.
File 2.htm is starting page for RIGHT_FRAME.
You can define as much FRAME you want, and then you can correspond it with menux.php

2. Now, this is to generate the menu (menux.php):


The Menu Hierarchy :

Main Menu Config
The title of menu|the picture of menu (if exist)

Sub Menu Config
The title of sub menu|the url of sub menu|the target frame

"|" is a symbol to seperate each parts


// The default of TARGET if not provided

// The Main Menus and their Sub Menus :
$all_menu = array(
"This is menu 1|menu1.gif" => array
 ( 0,
  "Sun Page|intro.html|RIGHT_FRAME",
  "Moon Page|www.xyz.com/moon.php?x=123|TOP_FRAME",
  "Star Page|www.geocities.com|RIGHT_FRAME"),

"This is menu 2|menu2.gif" => array    
 ( 0,
  "<img src='xyz.gif'>|mn21.html|RIGHT_FRAME",  // using image ...
  "Hello Page|mn22.html|RIGHT_FRAME",
  "Any Page|mn23.html|TOP_FRAME"),

"This is menu 3|menu3.gif" => array  
 ( 0,
  "Lion Page|mn31.html|RIGHT_FRAME",
  "Swan Page|mn32.html|TOP_FRAME",
  "Tiger Page|mn33.html|RIGHT_FRAME",
  "Rabbit Page|mn34.html|TOP_FRAME")

function generate_menu($arr,$on_off)

 // this is to update the main menus whether in
 // opened or closed state
 if ($on_off)
  for ($i=0;$i<strlen($on_off);$i++)
      $addr = current($arr);

 $on_off = "";
 while (list($k,$v)=each($arr)) $on_off .= $v[0];

 while (list($k,$v)=each($arr)) 
     $title = explode("|",$k);
     if (trim($title[1]))
        $title = "<IMG SRC='$title[1]' ALT='$title[0]'>";
        $title = $title[0];

     // if main menu is opened, list its sub menus also
     if ($v[0])
        $temp = substr($on_off,0,$i)."0".substr($on_off,$i+1);
        print "<A Href='menux.php?on_off=$temp'>".
n"; for ($j=1;$j<count($v);$j++) { $title = explode("|",$v[$j]); if (!trim($title[2])) $title[2]=$DEFAULT_FRAME; $temp = "TARGET='$title[2]'"; print "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"; print "<A Href='$title[1]' $temp>". "$title[0]</a>
n"; } } else // if main menu is closed { $temp = substr($on_off,0,$i)."1".substr($on_off,$i+1); print "<A Href='menux.php?on_off=$temp'>". $title."</A>
n"; } $i++; } } print "<HTML>n<BODY>n"; generate_menu($all_menu, $on_off); print "</BODY>n</HTML>n"; ?>

Let’s see what it means with the first main menu definition :

"This is menu 1|menu1.gif" => array
 ( 0,
  "Sun Page|intro.html|RIGHT_FRAME",
  "Moon Page|www.xyz.com/moon.php?x=123|TOP_FRAME",
  "Star Page|www.geocities.com|RIGHT_FRAME"),
menu1.gif      : the Picture of first main menu, if doesn't
                 exist, the "This is menu 1" will be the
This is menu 1 : the <IMG ALT=""> of first main menu
0              : initial main menu condition. 
                 0 means closed,  
                 1 means opened.
Sun Page       : The title of first sub menu.
intro.html     : the url of the first sub menu.
RIGHT_FRAME    : the target frame, if doesn't exist, 
                 $DEFAULT_FRAME will be used.

Best Regards,

Alexander Yanuar Koentjara