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PHP Helper

By Brett Patterson
on June 27, 2005


This being the first of the New Guy’s “PHP Helper”, I would like to discuss some topics that are frequently requested around the PHPBuilder.com discussion forum. I will also be explaining some common errors on a very basic level. With each article posted you will see that the list of common problems and errors keeps growing, and we’ll attempt to help you solve these potential problems as we go along.
If you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself–I am but a simple helper on the PHP Builder forums. While I don’t know everything, I will be sure to help you out even if it means I have to learn something new myself. We are all here to learn, and I hope that as you learn, so will I. I hope this series will help you–the novice PHP programmer–learn to use PHP productively.
With each article, an index will be available on the first page which outlines what issues will be discussed in the article. If you would like to suggest an issue for a future article, feel free to contact me at: bpwebman (at) gmail (dot) com. So with no further ado, the first article.

Index of Issues