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PHP Developer Resources

By PHP Builder Staff
on April 10, 2012

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages used to develop applications on the web today. As a result, internet.com has a multitude of PHP resources throughout our network of websites. Here are some of our best PHP resources, along with some featured tutorials and out-of-network resources that you may not know about.
internet.com Site’s PHP Sections

    * Developer.com’s PHP Section
    * ScriptSearch.com’s PHP Section
    * DevX’ PHP Section
    * WDVL’s PHP Section
    * DatabaseJournal’s Featured PHP Articles
    * WebReference.com’s PHP Section
    * PHPBuilder’s Discussion Forums
    * PHPBuilder’s Article Listings
    * PHP Manual on PHPBuilder
    * PHPBuilder’s Code Snippet Library

Featured PHP Tutorials

    * Learning PHP
    * Handling files with PHP
    * Intro to PHP
    * How to Create a Search Feature with PHP and MySQL
    * Class Inheritance with PHP
    * How to Store Images Directly in the Sql Database
    * Classes and PHP
    * Using PHP As A Shell Scripting Language
    * Preventing spam when using PHP’s mail function

Out-of-Network Resources

    * PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
    * Zend
    * PHPDeveloper
    * PHP Weblog