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PHP and Classes Page 4

By Rod Kreisler
on July 30, 2000

This function will take a message passed in the argument and print it
out in the appropriate style object. So to print a message we can:


$Basic->TextOut('This is my test message');

$Tbody->TextOut(' -- kinda neat, huh?');


Notice, there are no <BR> between the two function calls so they will
print on the same line. Also, I just wanted a smaller font for the
second part of the output and I had already declared that in $Tbody so I
used that. This is safe in this instance as the only other difference
between $Basic and $Tbody is “bgcol” and that isn’t used in this
function. Notice the “&nbsp;” in the function declaration? That is
there so if no message is passed the function will print out a non-
breaking space. Why will become clear later on.
So far we haven’t saved a lot of work. The last example is easier if
you want to change font color and/or size in the middle of a sentence
but still doesn’t justify writing an entire class. How about we add to
the functions:


function TDOut ($message="&nbsp;",$colspan=1) {

        PRINT "<TD COLSPAN=$colspan BGCOLOR="$this->bgcol" ".

"ALIGN="$this->align" VALIGN="$this->valign">";





Now, we’re getting somewhere! Remember, I wanted to have different
background colors for my tables. Now I can do this:

















There. See how the colspan argument works. If it’s not declared it
defaults to 1. So in the first table row “Name” spans 2 columns and
“Location” spans 3. In the second row all of them cover a single