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Object Orientation Page 8

By Mark Williams
on July 30, 2000

Finally, here is the Style Sheet, which will be used throughout! Not much more to say on this 😉
1:	<STYLE>
2:		.bugresolver {
4:		}
5:		TD {
6:			font-family:		verdana, arial, courier;
7:			font-size:		10;
8:		}
10:		P {
11:			font-family:		verdana, arial, courier;
12:			font-size:		20;
13:		}
15:		A {
16:			font-family:		verdana, arial, courier;
17:			font-size:		12;
18:			color:			#000084;
19:			text-decoration:	none;
20:			font-weight:		bold;
21:			text-align:		right;
22:		}
24:		A:hover {
25:			font-family:		verdana, arial, courier;
26:			font-size:		12;
27:			color:			#990000;
28:			background-color:	#DCDADA;
29:			text-decoration:	none;
30:			font-weight:		bold;
31:			text-align:		right;
32:		}
34:		UL {
35:			margin-left:		25;
36:		}
37:		.boxtitle {
38:			font-family:		verdana, arial, courier;
39:			font-size:		14;
40:			color:			#FFFFFF;
41:			font-weight:		bold;
42:			text-align:		center;
43:		}
45:		.lnkBox {
46:			font-family:		verdana, arial, courier;
47:			font-size:		10;
48:			color:			#000084;
49:			margin-left:		5px;
50:			text-align:		left;
51:		}
52:	</STYLE>
For those of you who would like to download this example and give it a try for yourself, a ZIP archive is attached.
To Those Of You With OO Expereice
I am well aware there are a number of “holes” in ths code. For example, I have not completed and data validation when setting and returning property values. However, bear in mind the purpose of this exercise is to give people a “real-world” example (which they can follow) of the process and function of OO within PHP.

To Those Of You Without OO Experience

This is a “real-world” example of the process and function of OO within PHP. There are a number of “holes” within the code. That is no to sat the code is incorrect or wrong, but its function is to show you how to work with OO.
If you’re looking for further guidance on developing this code into your site, you should revisit many of the get and set functions within these pages and make sure you develop routines to handle the data being parsed; make sure it is of the correct data-type (eg it is numeric when it should be and it is a valid SQL statement when it should be). Bear in mind, the data these classes are working with is from a pre-populated database, where I knew the data was valid etc….
For more examples of where these type of boxes are used, please visit e-sphere.net, f1circle.com and markaw.com.

About the Author

Professinally, Mark Williams, is, at the moment, the Senior Technical Consultant to one of Europe’s top 10 Insurance/Assurance companies. he is working on a number of Internet/e-commerce initiatives inlcluding WAP technology, Video Conferencing, Windows 2000, Linux etc….
To relax, mark is a great F1 fan and on every other Sunday (during the season) you will always find him keeping up to date with the latest events.
More information is available from markaw.com, e-sphere.net and f1circle.com.