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My Top 10 Most Useful Joomla Components Page 2

By Voja Janjic
on July 7, 2010

6. Ninja RSS Syndicator

Add the power of RSS feeds to your Joomla website with Ninja RSS Syndicator. You can create any number of feeds, choose whether to show the whole article in the feed or just the introduction, and decide whether to show images or not. Of course, you can also choose which categories and sections to include or exclude.

7. FlexBanner

To manage banners on your Joomla website, use FlexBanner. It allows you to specify on which pages a banner would appear, as well as assign multiple banners to a single banner position, creating a banner rotation system. FlexBanner is also useful for managing different ads for different languages.

8. Akeeba Backup

If you have a big website, it’s a good practice to make regular backups. Akeeba Backup does the job. Apart from the usual options, such as an output folder and a backup quota, Akeeba Backup has a feature for limiting access to certain types of users and setting a password.

9. Letterman

The Letterman component allows you to send newsletters using Joomla. You can add subscribers manually or import them from a CSV file. They can also subscribe through the Letterman module. To edit newsletter messages, you can just use your Joomla content editor.

10. AdsManager

If your site is a classifieds website, the AdsManager component is for you. It has everything you need for a classifieds website. After you specify required fields, categories, ad duration, etc., users can insert their ads.
I hope you find these components as useful for your Joomla projects as I have.
Voja Janjic is a PHP programmer with more than three years’ experience.