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Interfacing with MS Access Page 2

By Siddharth Venkatesan
on July 30, 2000

Creating An Access Database To Use

Generally when you start up access, it gives you the option of opening an
existing database or creating a new one.
For the purpose of this tutorial, im going to assume you are going to create a
new database.
Start up Access. If Access is already running, close all other Access
databases currently open. This is just to make the tutorial a bit easier.
Now, create a new Access Database. You can call this database whatever you like.
Just make sure you remember the name and the location you save it to, as you will need
it later to create the ODBC connection. Into this database create the table ‘People’.
Into people, add the fields of name and specific types as follows:
Field Name
Field Type
Auto Number
You dont need to populate the table as we will do that later on.