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Installing PHP under IIS and creating a Discussion Page 4

By Jayesh Jain
on October 30, 2002

If the source code appears in the browser and not the output we are expecting, then PHP has not been properly installed or IIS does not recognizes PHP files, please make sure you have followed the instructions properly.

Creating Access Database and DSN

Create a Microsoft Access Database with the following structure
code				 Autonumber
parentcode			 Number
title				 Text
description			 Text
uname				 Text
email				 Text
Code is a unique, autonumber field, which shall identify each thread in the discussion forum, parentcode is the field, which is linked to code field to specify the child thread of any thread, parentcode will be 0 for all the main threads.
Title, description, uname and email fields are used to save more information on each thread. This Structure gives us the flexibility to create a tree structure of thread and child thread for n levels.