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Importing Excel, Access or XML Data into MySQL Using Navicat Page 3

By PHP Builder Staff
on December 29, 2003

Export data by using Export Wizard
  1. Click the Tables tab.
  2. Select the table which you want to export data. Click Export Wizard at the Database Window
    Right-click anywhere in the Database Window and select Export Wizard.
  3. An Export Wizard dialog box will be shown.
  4. Please select which data format you want and click OK button to proceed.

Other Features of Navicat

Some of the Navicat key features are listed below:
  1. Support Multiple Connections for Local or Remote MySQL Servers.
  2. Browse databases, Modify your data, Create and delete databases, tables, indexes and users accounts.
  3. Create or Run SQL queries with visual query builder.
  4. Create reports with visual report builder, Reports can be saved as an archive file (.raf) for backup and increased portability.
  5. Manage user privileges [security configuration].
  6. Backup/Restore your database, The new Schedule Backup feature is used to create a new schedule that will backup your data.
  7. Data Transfer – Support transfer databases from one MySQL server to another MySQL server (1. Local to Remote , 2. Remote to Remote, 3. Remote to Local).
  8. Import/Export data – The Import and Export Wizard would help you to import/export data. It supports up to 18 most popular formats including MS Access, MS Excel, XML, PDF and TXT.