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Importing Excel, Access or XML Data into MySQL Using Navicat Page 2

By PHP Builder Staff
on December 29, 2003

Tutorial on Import/Export Wizard of Navicat

Import Data to Table Using Import Wizard
  1. Click the Tables tab
  2. If you have an existing table to which you want to import data, select the table. Otherwise, do not select any table.
  3. Click Import Wizard at the Database Window

    Right-click anywhere in the Database Window and select Import Wizard
  4. An Import Wizard dialog box will be shown
  5. Depending on the import data format, you should follow several steps to complete the import process. Here are the steps for importing from text file:
Import Wizard Steps:
  1. State which import data format you would like.
  2. Locate your file for import data.
  3. Select the appropriate delimiter. (For text file only)
  4. You can define some additional options for source.
  5. The wizard has made some guesses about where your field breaks occur. If they are incorrect, you can make adjustments in this step.
    NOTE: If the import data format is Text format and you have selected “Fixed width” in step 3, you can set field breaks in this step.
  6. The wizard will make some guesses on your table structure and you can make adjustments.
  7. You can define the field mappings. Set Mappings to specify the correspondence between fields in the Source and fields in the Destination.
  8. Check your data before importing.
  9. Select a desired import mode.
  10. Click Execute button to start importing data.