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Graphing with PHP and GD Page 4

By Allan Kent
on August 30, 2000

Let’s have a look at the code so far:


  // Send out the header info and create the initial blank canvas

Header'Content-type: image/gif');

$image imagecreate(200,200);

// Allocate some colors

$red ImageColorAllocate($image,255,0,0);

$blue ImageColorAllocate($image,0,0,255);

$white ImageColorAllocate($image,255,255,255);

$grey ImageColorAllocate($image,200,200,200);

// create an initial grey rectangle for us to draw on


// Connect to the mysql server and select the database

$connect mysql_connect('','root','');


// find out the maximum number in our recordset

$sql 'SELECT MAX(g_num) FROM sales';

$maxResult mysql_query($sql,$connect);

$max mysql_result($maxResult,0,0);

// get the recordset for London

$sql "SELECT g_num FROM sales WHERE g_team='London' ORDER BY g_month";

$salesResult mysql_query($sql,$connect);

// find out how many rows were returned, that is the number of 'columns'

$columns mysql_num_rows($salesResult);

// how much to increment $x by ? 

$xincrement bcdiv(200,$columns-1,0);


// $i will keep track of the row number


// lop around while we have rows of data

while($salesRow=mysql_fetch_array($salesResult)) {

// work out the y co-ordinate as discussed above

$y bcmul(bcdiv($salesRow[0],$max,2),200,2);

// add the values into the $points array

$points[$i][0] = $x;

$points[$i][1] = $y;

// increment $x by $xincrement


// increment $i



// now we loop around through our $points array, while $i is

  // less that $columns-1

for($i=0;$i<$columns-1;$i++) {

// We pass $points[$I][0] as the first x co-ord, 

// and $points[$I][1] as the first y co-ord

// $points[$I+1][0], $points[$I+1][1] will be the next

// x,y co-ord set.



// output the GIF to the browser and free up memory




This gives us the following result:
Wrong Way
which is both wrong and irritating. The problem that we have is that we have been working on the traditional method of x and y co-ordinates that radiate outwards from the bottom left hand corner. The co-ordinate system in the Image functions radiate out from the top left hand corner, so while our x position has been correct, our y position has been mirrored.