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File uploads made easy

By Darren Beale
on August 31, 2007


Every time I’ve written some code to upload a file, either to send it off as an email attachment or as an image for some dynamic content piece, I’ve always meant to write a few functions so I don’t have to write the code again.
Well, people on the Back-end.org support board have been asking for the ability to add images to news and articles recently, so I *finally* sat down and wrote this script in order that I can add that functionality to the next release.
To make things more interesting and to make it truly re-useable, I’m going to make it totally generic so we can use it again and again for differing file types.
If you want the code to look @ in your favourite editor whilst you are reading this piece, you can download it below.


Download: bealers20000904.zip