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Fast way to get PHP running: Win95, 98, ME, NT

By Dave Minor
on September 5, 2001

For those struggling with really difficult configuration of web servers that support PHP – or really lengthy downloads or Windows stability, here are some simple instructions on getting a free (and five-star-rated by Yippee.net) Windows web server running PHP in about two minutes.

o Download – http://www.php.net/downloads.php – one of the PHP Win32 Binaries (either the installer or the ZIP file). When installing or unzipping the Win32 Binary version of PHP, note the folder to which PHP is installed. Remember to copy a PHP INI file (e.g., php.ini-dist) to the Windows directory and rename it php.ini.

o Download and install the free BadBlue web server – http://badblue.com/down.htm

o Press the stop button on the little BadBlue window to stop the BadBlue server.

o Edit the BadBlue EXT.INI file (usually in the directory c:program filesbadbluepe) by adding the lines:


making sure that the path to PHP.EXE is correct.

o Press the start button on the server to restart it.

o Test PHP support by saving a test page (see http://badblue.com/helpphps.htm for a sample) in the directory where BadBlue is stored (e.g., as c:program filesbadbluepehello.php). Type the name of your site with the file name (e.g.,

For more examples and details, see http://badblue.com/helpphp.htm