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Eclipse for the PHP Developer Page 2

By Shu-Wai Chow
on September 21, 2004

Downloads and Installation
You should have Java, Apache running PHP, and MySQL installed locally. If you are running Windows and
do not have these components installed, consider following the wampp-based instructions on the PHPEclipse site:

. If you already have a development web server/database environment, follow
these basic instructions.
Download mirrors for Eclipse are available at the Eclipse Foundation website:
Download the latest version of the “Eclipse SDK” package for your operating system. The Eclipse
SDK package has the complete IDE and the Java JDT. Uncompressing the SDK creates a directory called
eclipse. Move it to your favorite applications directory.
Download the PHPEclipse plugin, available on Sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/project/
After unzipping the plugin, place all decompressed files in the plugins directory of the eclipse
directory. At a minimum, you will need these two packages for PHP development.
Additional features may require other software installations, as noted.